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Kingwest Academy is a leading Canadian high school that offers courses for student-athletes, as well as, SAT and ACT prep, in an effort to ensure their academic eligibility to practice, compete, and play at university and college levels. Our counsellors provide extensive support services and individual academic guidance in domestic and U.S. athlete academic placement.

Strive for Excellence

Kingwest Academy is an elite university and college-prep K-12 school, which focuses on character and educational skills that students need to succeed and excel at the next level and life. At Kingwest Academy, we prepare our students for their secondary and post-secondary academic life.

Our teaching methods incorporate the Ontario curriculum with engaging teaching content and highly trained Ontario certified teachers. Our goal is to successfully educate students of all levels and learning styles, anywhere in the world.

Kingwest Academy has a rolling admission, which means that we accept new students at any point throughout the year. While most students adhere to the traditional Ontario Ministry calendar, especially during the current Covid-19 educational disruption, many students attend Kingwest Academy to earn high-school credit course either not offered at their local school or an upgrade/repeat course to improve their academic achievement to upgrade their marks for university or college admission, scholarship applications, or international academic requirements. As a result, our student body includes international students who are seeking admission at Canadian universities and colleges, as well as, students who are getting prepared to attend university in the United States and Europe.

Kingwest Academy holds a strong commitment to reaching every student and providing the most appropriate teaching methods in an effort to help realize the academic potential and career aspirations.

Elementary Gifted Program - Grades 3- 8

Kingwest Academy Gifted Program provides gifted high-ability students with an accelerated and enriched interdisciplinary curriculum that uses advanced and complex concepts to develop higher-order thinking, active exploration, and discovery. We know and respect the unique nature of the gifted mind, which is why our teaching methods create a student-centered environment that allows independence and complex injury to optimize the development of intellect, creativity, and love of learning. Gifted and talented courses are open for students in grades 3-8.

Choose Kingwest Academy

With us, you are not just a number. We provide a student-centered, educational environment that incorporates the most effective teaching methods into our rigorous curriculum. Our dedicated and experienced faculty strives toward the academic success of every student. Whether your child is learning pre-algebra for the first time, or getting ready to apply to universities around the world, we are committed to instilling commitment of education and lifelong learning.


Kingwest Academy courses are innovative, customized, and rigorous. We follow and exceed the Ontario Ministry’s curriculum guidelines. Our assessment is tied to instruction which ensures that every student gains the needed skills for success in class and future academic pursuits.

Ontario High School BSID #880081

International Students

International students are able to obtain Canadian education from the comfort of their country. Kingwest Academy is dedicated to the success of Canadian international students. Our staff provides assistance to all aspects of international education, from credit transfer, learning in a different timezone, to English Second Language classes.

Our Mission

As an independent college preparatory school, we offer an environment where all students excel and grow as life-long learners.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to creating an educational environment in which every student feels valued, gains passion for life-long learning, and gains a competitive academic advantage that will help them succeed in an increasingly complex world.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide students with a rich, innovative curriculum that results in real, in-depth learning. To equip students with life-long skills of problem-solving, curiosity, and inquiry.

Special Accommodations

Kingwest Academy provides students with individualized instruction and accommodates student’s needs outlined in the IEP. Our teachers will go out of their way to set every student up for success. In addition to the IEP, Kingwest Academy welcomes ELL students who are in the process of mastering their second language. As noted in the Ontario Growing Success document, students will be assessed through a variety of means, which will include informal and formal observation, discussions, learning conversations, questioning, conferences, homework, tasks done in groups, demonstrations, projects, portfolios, developmental continua, performances, peer and self-assessments, self-reflection, essays, and tests.

Classroom-based supports Interventions) for students with a Learning Disability in the regular classroom will include but are not limited to:

· Identification of strengths and needs

· Classroom observation, tracking, and assessments

· Parent/guardian consultation/feedback

· Differentiation of instruction, environment and/or assessment, ability grouping, visual supports, use of assistive technology.

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