Flexible Course Selection

Is your child currently attending public high school and taking nine-week condensed high school courses?

Taking math, science and other important classes in a condensed format is not conducive to the way children learn and goes against all educational research.

We have outstanding choices to supplement and improve their school year.

Kingwest Academy offers the flexibility of taking an extra course that offers depth and course pacing without being rushed.  The current situation in the province has led to shortened/condensed classes. Taking a nine-week math class will not prepare students for rigorous work in the following year. Even though math achievement in grades 9 and 10 don’t show on the university transcript, they are foundational for success in math courses during the 11th and 12th grade.

There will also be a learning gap for students who had Math during Semester 1 in 2019 and now have to wait for Spring 2021 for their next Math class. We have a solution for this problem. Your student can start this week without any interruption to their regular school classes or schedule.

Taking a math and/or science course at Kingwest Academy is simple. Your child stays at their regular school while he/she takes the course with us. Our interactive classes are designed to work with each students schedule.  When they complete the course, Kingwest Academy issues the transcript and sends it to your their school. The grade earned at Kingwest Academy is then added to your child’s student transcript.

The ability to take part in our rolling enrollment can also help Grade 12 Students who want to complete important courses for their University application without waiting.

What about students who are currently enrolled in a class at their regular school and it isn’t going well for them?

You can take the class at our interactive virtual school. We will notify your school that you are registered and assist you in getting back on track.

Our teachers help students excel academically. They can earn better marks because of our differentiated learning curriculum while getting prepared for the following year. All of our courses led by caring, professional teachers who go above and beyond to see students succeed.

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