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About Us

Kingwest Academy is an elite university and college-prep online K-12 school that focuses on character and educational skills that students need to succeed and excel at the next level and life.

At Kingwest Academy, we prepare our students for their secondary and post-secondary academic life.

Our teaching methods incorporate the Ontario curriculum with engaging teaching content and highly trained Ontario certified teachers. Our goal is to successfully educate students of all levels and learning styles, anywhere in the world.All of our courses are online.

Students can sign up any time throughout the year and work at their own pace, from anywhere. Our final exams are proctored online, as well. We welcome students of all learning styles and from all countries.

Our teachers use research-based instructional methods to meet every student where they are and get them where they need to be. Kingwest Academy holds a strong commitment to reaching every student and providing the most appropriate teaching methods to each student in an effort to help them realize their academic potential and career aspirations.

In the province of Ontario, it is mandatory for each student to attend high school until the age of 18 or as soon as a high school diploma has been obtained. Kingwest Academy's online high school courses give students an option to work ahead and graduate early or perhaps take a bit more time.

Choose Kingwest Academy

With us, you are not just a number. We provide student-centered, educational environment that incorporates the most effective teaching methods into our rigorous curriculum.

Our dedicated and experienced faculty strive toward academic success of every students. Whether you child is learning pre-algebra for the first time, or getting ready to apply to universities around the world, we are committed to instilling commitment of education and lifelong learning.


Kingwest Academy courses are innovative, customized, and rigorous. We follow and exceed the Ministry’s curriculum guidelines.

Our assessment is tied to instruction which ensures that every student gains the needed skills for success in class and future academic endeavorers. High school diplomas issued by Kingwest Academy are signed by the Ontario Minister of Education and greatly respected at the institutions of higher learning everywhere.

International Students

International students are able to obtain Canadian education from the comfort of their country.

Kingwest Academy is dedicated to the success of Canadian international students.

Our staff provides assistance to all aspects of international education, from credit transfer, learning in a different timezone, to English Second Language classes.

Our Mission

As an independent college preparatory school, we offer an environment where all students excel and grow as life-long learners.

Our Vision

We are dedicated to creating an educational environment in which every student feels valued, gains passion for life-long learning, and gains a competitive academic advantage that will help them succeed in an increasingly complex world.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide students with rich, innovative curriculum that results in real, in-depth learning. To equip students with life-long skills of problem solving, curiosity, and inquiry.

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